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Dressing Large Expansive Windows

Custom cornice board, roman shades and draperies by Graber Blinds.

Have large windows to cover? not sure about style and quality of hardware that won't fail you?

I have been getting a lot of inquiries on 14' and larger window coverings from ladies who desire custom made as well as those who want to make their own. Home Sew Beautiful carries many lines of interior design products to help both types of customers.

There is a reason designers are called project managers and windows is one of them. There are many details that go into designing beautiful functioning window coverings. As a designer we must understand not only the fabrication process, but how different fabric fibers work in a large expanse as well as climate of the area, how to select hardware that will not fail upon repeated use, visual design elements and such.

Do you have questions about your window projects? Let me help you. Contact me so we can set up a time where we can discuss your choices for a well dressed window!

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